Hey y’all I’m Mary! I’m mainly a charcoal artist, but am known to dabble in alternative mediums at times. Drawing mostly realism and surrealism, I let my inspiration and imagination guide me


How it Started…

Believing in the starving artist trope, I chose to work as a Registered Nurse instead. However, during the pandemic I got burnt out and turned back to art - reviving my passion and motivating me to pursue it as a career. I quit my permanent position as an RN and although I still work casually as a nurse in a cancer ward, I make little steps everyday towards my dream of becoming a full time artist.


This was the year that kicked everything into motion. I launched my website, completed my first collection called Zara and the Lion, had my first solo exhibition at The Nesting Box Gallery, and began selling prints + originals. From there I became a part of the local retail scene, joined an artist’s collective where I participated in group exhibitions and markets, and began a collaborative mini series with an up-and-coming fantasy author.

Moving forward —

I have big plans for the years ahead, and am currently not accepting commission offers at this time. I’ve got ideas for a couple different series I’m really excited about, and expect surrealism to play a much bigger role in my work moving forward.