Do you accept commissions or drawing requests?

My commissions are currently closed. After doing commission work for years my creativity was extinguished, so I’m giving myself time and freedom to draw to my imagination and inspiration. I hope you can understand! If I do ever begin accepting commissions again, they will be at a hefty price and I will announce it to my subscribers!

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes I do! Everything I offer can go worldwide (as far as I know), the shipping is just a bit more than domestic of course. Anything framed is shipped through my local framer so that it is all professionally packaged for the items protection.

Are you offering classes?

I’ve got this question a few times, and although I am very interested in making a course - it takes a LOT of time to put together, and I just don’t have that time right now while I’m still working part time as a nurse. When I shift over to full time artist I plan on giving it a go! And when I do, I will announce it to my subscribers first!

Do you offer certificates of authenticity?

I offer certificates of authenticity for all limited edition prints and originals!

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